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Unqualified Solar Panel installers – charging over-inflated prices

Posted on: September 19th, 2011 by admin No Comments

FATHER and son electrical engineers from Clevedon are warning local homeowners to be on their guard against out-of-town, unqualified Solar Panel installers who are charging over-inflated prices.

North Somerset is now seeing an increase in solar panel installations as homeowners turn to Solar Panels to generate electricity and save on rocketing energy bills.

But father and son engineers John and Alistair Davis, with some 60 years of experience locally between them, are concerned that local people could be exploited by out-of-town firms who are not electrical engineering specialists and who do not have the correct accreditations to install Solar Panels and who are charging over-inflated prices to local people.

They fear that out-of-town firms will take money off local people and will not be around if things go wrong.

On Thursday night BBC TV’s Watchdog will be investigating firms who fit Solar Panels.

Alistair Davis, of JAD Engineering in Kenn Road, said: “Fitting Solar Panels can be lucrative for homeowners wanting to save on energy. But local people should beware of unscrupulous firms who want to exploit people keen to save money, perhaps even hiking up prices.

“I have heard of local people signing up to out-of-the-area firms visiting the area, charging over-inflated prices, and I have also heard of local businesses which do not have the accreditations and technical knowledge necessary to fit Solar Panels. Signing up to these people could be a very costly mistake.

“Residents should carefully check if the firms have REA, MCS and NICEIC. It has taken us months to get the accreditations and rigorous inspections. And we are here for the long term.

“My concern is that out of town firms will see an opportunity in North Somerset to make a lot of money quickly, then leave the area and potential chaos in their wake, and then leave home-owners without support. Whereas as a local firm we will remain here for a long time, and are what local people need.”

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels convert light energy from the sun into electricity and are increasingly being taken up by homeowners desperate to be protected against rising energy bills.

Experts forecast there will be hundreds of thousands of Solar Panels fitted across the UK in the next few years.


Currently under the Fixed Tariff Scheme, homeowners will make money back from the electricity supplier for every unit of electricity it makes – which is causing a rush in numbers of people to install Solar Panels.

John and Alistair said they are happy to give any free advice to local people who are considering Solar Panels for their homes, and people can get in touch via their website or ring 01275 218002