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solar panel engineers


DO you own your own home or commercial property? Are you fed up of rocketing energy bills? Would you like a guaranteed income for 25 years? Then you can benefit from from the installation of a Solar Photovoltaic system.


Our qualified engineers install the Solar PV panels for you. The systems generate free electricity from daylight and supply it direct to your property and the National Grid, all year round! You get paid for generating electricity and you receive an additional payment for any surplus sold back to the National Grid. You’ll receive payment (inde x-linked and tax free) for electricity you generate over the next 25 years.


PV systems are extremely low maintenance and produce clean, environmentally-friendly energy. They are a great way of generating guaranteed income and will add value to your property.


We pride ourselves on not just putting Solar Panels on your roof but by helping you understand more about the benefits of PV. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

“Ask us about how you can save a further 10% on your home electricity bills by using a voltage optimisation system”


Our expert engineers offer a fast, reliable service for electrical installation and repairs and more

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We can install Solar PV panels in your home or property and help you generate electricity and income for 25 years

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Our qualified electricians can cater for all your home electrical needs such as testing, rewiring and installation.

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Solar PV was voted as "Top 10 Investment of 2010" – Sunday Times. Returns of 10% tax free are realistic.

Sunday Times

JAD Engineering are reliable and do what they say they will do, on time.


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