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October 20, 2011
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Urgent! Free solar subsidy could be slashed
ACT NOW. Huge changes are likely on ‘feed-in’ tariffs, so if you want solar (free or bought), go quick
Solar panels are popping up everywhere but we’ve heard strong industry rumours (no gurantees) the rules may soon change, slashing the potential gain for newbies. Full info in our updated Free Solar guide, here’s a taster…
Electricity savings c. £90-£180/year – according to the Energy Saving Trust. Solar panels require a roughly south facing roof, and daylight (not sunshine, thankfully).
Feed-in tariff EARN c. £1,100/year.
This is the gob-smacking bit. The Govt guarantees that for 25 years you’ll get a ‘feed-in tariff’, ie, be PAID to generate energy (even if you use it yourself) at over 3x what you pay to use it.
Rumour. Feed-in tariff being slashed. These are strong mutterings it may cut by 50% for those installing panels after 31 March 2012 though not for those already signed up. This isn’t surprising, as the cost’s effectively covered by higher energy bills, so is a bizarre poor-to-rich subsidy. If you want to take advantage, as it takes time to sort, hurry. It could mean the end of free solar.
Free, buy or try before you buy.
The options…
1. Free solar: You get the panels and electricity savings, but the company keeps the big feed-in gain.
2. Buy them: If you’ve the cash, the feed-in tariff could repay double what you spend, eg, a £12,000 system could net £27,500 over 25 years.
3. Try free, then buy: Eon acts as a free solar company, but then later lets you buy it out (& then gain from the feed-in tariff) at a far lower price than others.

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