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October 26, 2011
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SOMERSET Solar PV experts have echoed the advice of a respected TV money expert who this week urged people to act now in buying Solar for their homes and businesses.
Martin Lewis, a regular TV pundit helping save UK residents money, blogged this week for people to buy Solar PV panels before ‘feed-in’ tariffs change next April.
Alistair Davis of JAD Solar in Clevedon backed his comments.
Martin’s blog on website wrote: “Solar panels are popping up everywhere but we’ve heard strong industry rumours the rules may soon change, slashing the potential gain for newbies.
“This is the gob-smacking bit. The Government guarantees that for 25 years you’ll get a ‘feed-in tariff’, ie, be PAID to generate energy (even if you use it yourself) at over 3x what you pay to use it.”
He added: “If you’ve the cash, the feed-in tariff could repay double what you spend, eg, a £12,000 system could net £27,500 over 25 years.”
JAD Solar have seen interest from homeowners, businesses and even churches eager to save on rising energy costs. This week the firm took their giant JAD Solar bear mascot to meet families at Weston Super Mare’s My Fair Babynevent at Priory Community School.
Alistair said: “Martin as usual is spot on. Solar PV can not only save people energy costs but will also provide an amazing investment on their savings. We can give free consultations and surveys, and are keen to help local people save money and make money.”
JAD’s engineers have some 70 years of experience in Clevedon.
For more information contact or call 01275 218002.

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